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Coach De La Cruz is a full time professional youth development trainer and coach with over 20 years of experience.  He is also the founder of the ABS Basketball Network with over 5000 parent and student members. 

ABS Certified Training Staff:

Assistant Guard and Team  Coach - Darius Mukes
Assistant Shooting Coach - Tony Thomas


Head Trainer:

Rudy De La Cruz:
Endorsed by Gary Boren 
Shooting Coach for the NBA Dallas Mavericks

AAU Certified

IHoops Certified

Founder - ABS Advance Basketball Solutions

Coach De La Cruz has 20 years of coaching experience. His opportunity to coach youth basketball started when he was asked to help with his son's CYO basketball team. Over the years he has coached both boys and girls basketball teams, taking several of them to District Titles. He has also coached middle and high school level Boys AAU Club Basketball.

Shooting Coach
Coach De La Cruz has been endorsed by NBA Dallas Mavericks Shooting Coach Gary Boren and attended a (private one-on-one ) shooting clinic instructed by Gary in Dallas Texas. Gary is also a shooting consultant for colleges and other professional NBA teams. 

A "Great" thanks to Coach Gary for planting the seed to start and develop the ABS training program in San Antonio, TX

Coach De La Cruz is also a student of Tom Nordland founder of Swish22. On July, 2007 Tom and Rudy joined forces to help players become better shooters.

Coach De La Cruz now offers personal one-on-one basketball lessons and no longer coaches team basketball. 

"Standout" Training Program
Coach De La Cruz is also founder of the "Standout" Training Program 
San Antonio's first training program specifically designed for youth basketball players who are focused on making their middle or high school basketball team and want to prepare for school tryouts.  

Team Solutions
Coach De La Cruz is the founder of "Team Solutions" -
a coaching support program designed to help coaches develop next level power players and teams.

He would like to thank all of the young players, parents and business sponsors for all the great support throughout his many years of coaching youth basketball teams.

A Special Thanks
"Thanks dad for teaching me long time ago that good youth coaches give equal playing time to all of their players".

Your son...
Rudy De La Cruz

Rudy's father was his little league baseball coach
and had many winning seasons as a youth baseball

Feel free to call for more info: 210.683.8093


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