ABS session coordinators make scheduling and client satisfaction a high priority.

In order to be efficient, the following ABS policies apply:

Accounts payable is scheduled to send out refund checks once per month

Registration Fees -  Acct set up and Scheduling 
When a -$35 (Promo) discount is applied to an invoice, if you cancel or close your account without completing your training program, the discount will no longer apply and will show as a $35 balance due to ABS.


One-on-One Sessions Appointments

There are 2 fees connected with 1-on-1 training sessions which have been scheduled by ABS.

1. Training fee for ABS and coaches (contact us for fee info)
2. Court and Gym Fees -  $25 per session
Please note: some fees are nonrefundable if you cancel a session or the program.


Court and Gym fees 
As soon as parents sign up, submit payment and confirm the session dates and times, ABS considers the court times sold and we guarantee these court times for your child.


Cancelled or No Show Sessions
If you cancel without giving us reasonable time to resell your court time, ABS will not reset, credit or refund court fees.  We prefer parents cancel one full day in advance but will consider to reset (not refund) a canceled court session if you text us by 12:00 noon the day of the session.  If you requested a refund and were denied by ABS, please send us an e-mail with all your session dates and dates you cancelled.


Change a court time
If you need to change a court time, ABS will review your request for a different session date and time. If an option is available, we will change your time slot....but it is not guaranteed. 


Court time refunds
After confirming your court date and time, parents have 48hrs (2 days) to request a court time refund (less $35 scheduling fee). 
ABS will not refund any canceled court time.


  ABS Terms of Service

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